The Reflection from a Pilates Heart

It has been a busy week here at ARC Pilates, there are lots of exciting things going on behind the scenes.  I have had a weekend filled with discovery and education. I also finished up my campaign on a Heart a Day for FA.  As I reflect on this busy time, there is one word that comes up for me and that is LOVE. <3

So, this where this blog post begins, I decided I was going to ask each of my four kids and my husband, what three words come to mind when they think of LOVE?  I was blown away by their insight and willingness to share.

My youngest daughter (who is a twin) says heart, caring and loving.  I asked her why these words were important to her and she said love is in her heart.  She feels love the most when she is caring and loving someone else.  That fills her heart with love.

My youngest son, who is the other twin, first came out with the similar words as his sister, however, he thought about it a bit more and came back to me with caring, strength and sharing.  This little guy is wise beyond his years.  He is very thoughtful about everything.  He feels that it takes strength to be caring and to share and to him, that is what love is.  He then adds, I also love Pilates and movement.

My oldest daughter, who is a beautiful wise soul says without pause, happiness, appreciation and consideration.  Wow, to have that kind of vision at 12 is extraordinary.  I think our world is an amazing place with this girl in it.  She will make a difference by being the difference.

My oldest son’s perspective is perhaps the most intellectual and felt deeply by his own life experiences.  Support, caring and effort.  I feel as though these are words that he lives by in his life.  This is his truth and I feel some times this is difficult for people outside of his every day reality.  Love is real, love is kind and love is what will heal.

My husband’s words were heart, trust and free, which are very profound.  I believe are very thought-provoking to consider.  I love that this has begun a deeper conversation between us about love and that as the years have passed I believe our love for each other has grown and expanded into what makes up our incredible family.

My three words are simple: family, life and connection. I believe that these are linked to each other.  The meaning of each may be different to all of us and that is OK.  We all have family which is our connection to other people and is really what makes up our lives.

I feel so much love for the work I get to do and difference I get to make in peoples’ lives with movement.  I love that the learning never ends in Pilates and in life, it is really just the beginning of a journey. The words that resonate with all of us may be different but it is all still love.

I hope you get a quiet moment to reflect for yourself. What three words come up for you?  Just think about it and if you are willing to share please leave a comment or send me a note  I believe that if we all spread the love we will create beautiful change in all of our lives and the world around us.

Making my ARC!