Hello Spring – Is It Really You?

Season for Change

When the days get warmer and longer, as Canadians we can’t help but anticipate the change of the season.  It has been a long, cold winter. We are ready to give way to blue sky, sunshine and new growth (however, as I am writing this post we are expecting yet another spring snowstorm❄️☹).

There is just something about the energy of this time of year.  I love the anticipation of new beginnings and new growth.  I am eager to spend more time in the great outdoors, watching the grass turn green and the flowers grow.  I am also thinking of all the activities that I get to enjoy again at this time of year like golf, tennis and hiking.

For me, it is a season of change.  I find that it is a time of reflection and assessment of where I am today and where I am going.  There are also many changes happening around me; it caused me to pause and take notice.  It is almost as though Spring is the catalyst to change.  It is the hope of new beginnings, just like a baby bird about to fly from its nest for the first time.  The unknown of the world in front of them that has them filled with a curiosity and determination of discovery.  Perhaps a feeling of great excitement but also fear.  The potential to find themselves, realize their own dreams and discover their own path in life.  There is also a loss and change to the bird family in the nest left behind.  Change is constant.  Possibly a great way to measure change is through each and every step of the movement in life.

But what does spring mean in the Pilates studio?  Well, it can mean a little spring in our step that will help us as we move into this new season or a spring into action with our own Pilates practice and fitness goals.  It is also about a celebration of all the small and big changes we have made in our body, mind and spirit.  Spring is still our support when we need it, our resistance that challenges us when we are ready and a consistent, strong piece of our practice.

So, let’s give way to all the potential of new growth whether we are the baby bird ready to soar into a new chapter of life or just being ready to spring ahead on a new path within our own life journey.  Welcome and thank you, Spring.

Making my ARC!