On your ARC, get set, let’s go!

This is the first official blog post of ARC Pilates. This is where the journey begins and something new is created. ARC Pilates is all about putting yourself out there. This has been a dream of mine that has required lots of hard work and sacrifice. To see it come to fruition is very exciting.

I get asked a lot, “where does ARC Pilates come from?”. I really had three visions when deciding on a name. First, I wanted to examine the definition of the word ARC, I found that there were many definitions, a few that resonated with me were: (https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/arc)

  1. The apparent path described above and below the horizon by a celestial body (such as the sun);
  2. A sustained luminous discharge of electricity across a gap in a circuit or between electrodes:
  3. A continuous portion (as a circle or ellipse) of a curved line; and
  4. A continuous progression or line of development.

Secondly, I wanted to relate the name to what I do – ARC (Amy Rost Classical) Pilates. I am a lover of movement and particularly Pilates. I was drawn to the Classical Method and I love to share this passion with everyone.

Lastly, my spine loves to bend in huge ARC and my body loves spine extension. I know for lots of people this is not the case but my mission is to help each client find an ease in all movements.

After sitting with all of these concepts, the word ARC began leading me in an interesting direction. It had me thinking about each and every one of us making our own ARC in the world, whatever that looks like.

So, as I take this first step to putting myself out there and leaving my ARC. I hope that you will join me in this new adventure of ARC Pilates and begin this journey together.

Let’s get together and make our ARC!